Research Report Writing

Competition is everywhere; all universities want to be on the top and every year they are expanding and adding more courses. Every student who is pursuing higher course has to go through project writing assignment as per academic guidelines. They must have an overview of how to write a big research report. Many universities have the same pattern of writing a report with little change in the format. The reason behind that is to make it simpler. The person who is going to review the report has to analyze the results on different bases.

Why report writing is important?

Some students like research and want a career in it, and that is probably the best thing in academics. One can gain preference by making a dissertation. Hence, it is good to know about research writing as it might come in use later, as well.

Writing a Research Proposal

When you have selected a specific topic, it is advised that you must write a brief summary or proposal. Writing a proposal clearly explains what you really want to do when you show it to your instructor. It should include:

  • Statement of problem.
  • The sources of data
  • The ways in which you can find the solution of the problems
  • What will be final result of the study

Once this is approved by the instructor you should make a map of all projects, stating what you are going to include, such as the heading, summary etc. Many of the typical projects also have a hypothesis.



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