What Exactly We Do walks you through the arduous and seemingly never-ending process of dissertation writing. You may already know some of the ordeals that lie before you, like having to find a suitable topic, seeking out resources to help in the study, then interpreting your massive collections of data, and then forming your arguments. But did you know you also have to come up with a dissertation abstract? Many students make the mistake of not taking this last part seriously enough – though a sound abstract is often the key to making your work stand out among the peers you are trying to compete with and the scholars and professors you are trying to impress. We guide you through step by step, and you can rest easy that your dissertation will not be rejected based on technical grounds.

Our services include structural requirements like outline, amendments, title page and bibliography, as well as formatting, plagiarism checks and fact-checking the content. We also provide a literature review, methodology, research questions, as well as final review and editing.

We have very strict hiring criteria for our staff of writers, to ensure that your work will be in the best hands possible. Each of our writers has passed a rigorous test on the grammar, structure, and correct usage of English before joining the company. In addition, they are experts possessing degrees in a wide of array of fields, so that your dissertation will be customized for your topic by someone who is already well versed in the background information.