Referencing Method: Some Insights

Writing thesis and dissertation is not a new task in the scholarly world. If we look around us, we can see that there are thousands of universities, and each of them produce minimum ten to fifteen dissertations of theses every year. However, not all of them are equal in terms o quality. It varies from one scholar to another. There are various factors, which determine the quality of any dissertation or thesis. One of these factors is the originality of the research conducted. The originality of the research work largely depends on the types and number of references used in the entire study. They substantiate the arguments and information provided in the theses or dissertations.

References reflect the rigor of the thesis or dissertation. Whenever any argument is used in the study, it is required to be backed by proper literature. If the researcher is working on grounded theory, then literature backing is not required. However, most of the researchers do not go for grounded theory approach. They go for extending the previous research work. In that case, proper evidential literature is required. Other than the arguments, research study is always based on facts. It is immaterial whether the study is quantitative or qualitative. If the data sources are not cited, the facts become irrelevant. Providing the proper source(s) of data poses relevance on the quality of the data collected. If the data is collected from any website or agency, name of the site or agency is required to be referred. If the data is collected by interviews or questionnaires, the transcripts of the interviews or the items of the questionnaires are needed to be cited. In the latter case, the transcripts or items work as the references to the study. However, constructs and methodologies are needed to be referred. Devoid of that, the readers may ask about the authenticity of the research model. Prior to posing the context of the study, it is needed to refer the contexts of the earlier studies, so that the readers can understand the relevance of the context of the present study.

Quality and quantity of references provide an initial impact in the minds of the reader about the rigor of the thesis. Hence, it is to be handled with utmost care. Across India, there are several organizations, which provide dissertation writing and consultancy services. If you are facing troubles in the referencing section of your thesis and looking for a steady solution, you can go through the pages of

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