Literature Review: Some Insights

Writing a thesis is not at all an easy task. While writing a thesis, one has to define a very specific problem, and he/she has to build up his/her arguments focusing on that problem. The analysis of the issue has to be backed by qualitative or quantitative data and proper methodology to dissect the data. However, it is always a critical task to find relevance of the problem, which is addressed in the thesis. That is the reason behind incorporating an extensive literature review at the very beginning stage of the thesis.

In the community of researchers, literature review is commonly known as “Standing on the Shoulder of a Giant”. The terms used in this phrase gain their importance, given the context of literature review. “Giant” is the existing body of knowledge, and “Standing on the Shoulder” means the review of the existing body of knowledge, based on which the research problem is either identified, or substantiated.

While doing the literature review, researchers face a common problem: “From where to start?” Well, there are no clear answers for this query. Nevertheless, there are some fundamental tricks and techniques to handle a literature review. Based on the main and relevant keywords of the research problem, firstly two or three research papers are needed to be located. After going through those papers thoroughly, the second step is to find out those papers, which were cited in the initial two or three papers. In subsequent steps, first two steps are needed to be followed. Fundamentally, it is like drawing a tree, with several branches coming out of one or other. Once the research papers are located, the most important step begins. It is called the thematic design of the literature review. The thematic design can be done in two ways. One way is to design the literature review according to the chronology of events. The second way is to design the literature review according to the sub-themes or constructs of the research problem. However, people mainly follow the first one, as it is easy to use. For any classical thesis, mainly the second pattern is followed.

Literature review provides an initial impact in the minds of the reader about the rigor of the thesis. Hence, it is to be handled professionally. Across India, there are several organizations, which provide dissertation writing and consultancy services. If you are facing troubles in the literature review of your thesis and looking for a steady solution, you can go through the pages of


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