Important Points That Every Research Scholar Should Remember

Research paper writing and thesis writing have their own sets of rules and conventions, which every research scholar must follow. Every research work report is expected to have a certain standards before it is submitted and out in public interest.

 Important Points That Every Research Scholar Should Remember

Your should consider the below important points before submitting your research report –

1. Proper Credit and References

It is very important to make your work plagiarism free, hence credit all sources and quote all references that you have used and quoted in your research document. As a research scholar it should be your ethical duty to be honest in all your communication like methodology, procedures, and sources of your research.

2. Openness In Thoughts

It is important to consider new ideas, criticisms and recommendations to produce the best work. Share your work with your colleagues and mentor for feedback and inputs. No good research can be done in an isolated space.

3. Avoid Carelessness

Carelessness in your research can lead to major discrepancy in your work. Avoid biasness to any self-interest during your research. Do not use discriminatory language in respect to caste, gender, race or any other sensitive factor. Avoid using slangs.

4. Responsible Publishing

You must only publish if you are adding to your field of interest and giving something to it, and not just for personal gains. Avoid wasteful and duplicated publishing.

5.  Proofreading

This is commonly known and is a must before submitting your research report. Make sure you are using proper grammar, tenses and precise sentences. Do not use casual words like ‘may be’ in your report. Don’t use contradictions in your paper and make sure your research has a logical flow of thoughts and keeps the reader engrossed.

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